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With the every changing information pertaining to COVID-19, below are the links to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and to the Public Health Emergency (PHE) sites

  Below are handouts from the CDC website:
COVID-19 Symptoms
CERC Infectious Disease
Wash Your Hands Poster
Germs Are Everywhere
Stop The Spread of Germs
Keep Calm Wash Your Hands
CDC Protects
Sick With COVID-19 Fact Sheet
Share Facts
2019 NCOV Factsheet
Below are the protocols for CoVID-19.
Please print these off and add to your protocol book & ensure all personnel become familiar and adhere to this protocol.  As this is an ever changing situation possible updates or changes may become necessary.  Notifications will be made and posted if changes are made.

South Plains EMS CoVID Response Guidelines
​CoVID-19 EMS Education
CoVID-19 Patient Education Packet
CoVID-19 Non-Transport Protocol
CoVID-19 Treatment and Transport Protocol
CoVID-19 Treatment Supplement

EMS Provider CoVID-19 Protocols
EMS Agencies:

All EMS personnel need to follow CDC guidelines to self-monitor themselves for fever by taking their temperature twice a day and remain alert for respiratory symptom (cough, shortness of breath, sore throat). The CDC link for this guideline is 

Our facilities need the confidence that our pre-hospital personnel are monitored as closely as their hospital staff. This will help with unnecessary screening of EMS personnel causing delays and the use of hospital employees. 

Effective immediately, every EMS service in our region & all SPEMS services outside our region need to begin a self-monitoring program of their staff. This assessment should be at least the minimum of what is listed on the attached tool. The first assessment should be made prior to getting into the ambulance or responding vehicle. It's every person's duty to perform this assessment and the EMS Director's responsibility to ensure it is done. If more than one person is on duty, the assessment should be done by the buddy system. 

CoVID-19 Staff Screening Checklist
CoVID-19 Staff Screening Tool
CoVID-19 Visitor Screening Tool